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Colouring Through Grief

At mindyourmind, we love creative expression! Not only is it fun, but it is great for your mental health! 

So when we heard that St. Joseph’s Hospice of London is promoting “Colouring Through Grief,” a colouring book by, we just had to share it! This 11-page colouring book is designed to help individuals on their grief journey.

How does it help? Well, drawing and other creative activities can help us be attuned to our emotions. When we are able to recognize our emotions, we can then learn to cope with them. Exercising creativity also allows us to stay grounded in the present moment. This can help us to feel calmer and more focused on the here and now. 

Living with loss and managing grief is hard, so it’s important to take time to care for ourselves and our minds. 

You can access the colouring book and read more information about the benefits of drawing to go Hospice of London.

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