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Connecting users to help at the touch of a button

Yesterday Amanda, one of our youth participants, and I, attended the launch of Kids Help Phone new app “Always There”.  A full media release can be viewed here .  As one of the youth involved in the development process, Amanda spoke (eloquently I might add!) about the app features, the brainstorming process and the importance of partnering with youth in the creation of resources. Congrats Amanda and the rest of the youth team, on your hard work and your impressive commitment to this project!

Here’s a list of reasons why as a young person you should care about KHP’s new app:

  • Youth engagement was a priority on this project!   The resource was designed with youth voices contributing to the design, function and features that you now see on the app.  mindyourmind facilitated two workshops with youth volunteers- one at the beginning of the app development process where they developed ideas for the main features of the app and one toward the end as they gave feedback during the testing phase.   They also provided some tips on how to disseminate this resource to youth all across the country.   
  • At the touch of a button the app connects users to live professional help via phone or live chat- an important feature in helping youth where they are in a format that feels relevant and accessible.
  • The Feelings Log allows users to practice identifying their feelings and helps them better understand possible reasons why they feel this way. By choosing one of 41 feelings icons, users can log their feelings as many times a day as they choose, and this information is recorded on a monthly calendar
  • The Stress Buster enables users to scroll through inspirational quotes, self-care tips and jokes; more than 200 were submitted by users online.  Additionally, users can choose to add their own tips, which will then appear on their own devices, and they can choose to send these tips anonymously to Kids Help Phone where they will be vetted, and if appropriate, added to the app.
  • The app is free and available for download right now on the itunes App Store and Google Play Store

So go ahead, download the app and check it out for yourself or someone that you care about.  Let us know below if you have any comments or feedback and we’ll be sure to forward it on to our friends at Kids Help Phone!