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Construction over destruction!

Negative expression is on a rampage this week in North America and while it can get overwhelming and fill us with despair, we need to fight it by sharing good things as fast as we can. No, art doesn’t express as fast and as deadly as a bullet. It’s more like a flower. It grows and encourages growth around it instead of communicating death and destruction.

At the rate that bad things are happening in the world, we need to step up. There can never be too much goodness in the world and we NEED it to help us cope with the badness.

So here’s some of my art for you. No, it isn’t the best (I don’t even like it that much), but it is healthy expression and healthy expression is always good.

Here’s what I’ve been up do for art month these past couple of weeks:

I started small. I was excited about some washi tape that I’d recently bought so I decided to use it and cover my ugly boring plastic drawer unit with colour and stickers.

In decorating that unit, I got so into it that I forgot what time it was, anything else I had to do, I forgot about my pain and my troubles and just focused on colour, balance, and expression. The state of flow, which all artists strive for because it sustains them and renews them.

And yes, there were some consequences to devoting such time to myself and my art. Digby was mad at me. He made me this on my phone while I was busy with my drawer unit.

But do you know what? Sometimes we need to put ourselves first in order to help others. After decorating my drawer unit I played fetch with Digby for a lot longer than I would have had I not taken that time out for myself.

And crap, now it’s time for me to get in the shower before therapy even though I still have so much to tell you.

I think we should start our Twelve Days of Christmas now, which means a post a day until New Year’s Eve. Some posts will be big, some will be small (like on Christmas day), but I hope to share my life and share some gifts with you between now and then. What do you think?

It is literally the darkest week of the year this week as we countdown to Winter Solstice. It’s more important than ever to hold on to the light and we can do that by holding on to each other. I’ll see you tomorrow.