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Cootie Catcher

Last year a group of youth partnered with mindyourmind and Vanier and created a feedback tool called "Be Heard". Youth have used the tool to talk about their experience, and we received a lot of information about how young people are feeling before services, while they're in services, and the transition after services. Our friends at Vanier have spent some time compiling that information into a nice, big report.

Fast forward to Early 2016, when we embarked on another journey directly linked to System Transformations across Ontario, but specifically in our Home base town of London, ON. Our job was to take this report, and turn it into something young people and the professionals that serve them could really latch onto. Reports & research are wonderful things, but we're super into knowledge translation. So we partnered with a group of young people and together we figured out what the most important information was, the themes that lived within it, and how we could present the information to those that need it.

Then, we made a cootie catcher.

This cootie catcher represents some crucial knowledge about the systems that young people live within. Often, young people are thrown into services and have no idea what's going to happen, or why it's happening. And that's a huge problem. We need to make sure young people have the tools they need to make informed decisions about their future, and make sure they get the help the need when they need it. That's the goal of this cootie catcher- To educate young people and professionals partnering with them so they can get the best help possible.

The artwork on the cootie catcher was made collaboratively with the youth involved in the process, and is reflective of the themes and ideas they felt were most important.

Stay tuned for the final products soon!!