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Coping with Transitions as a Graduate

Coping with Transitions as a Graduate

As we near the end of another academic year for University Students, it is important to highlight that this time of the year is especially stressful for graduating students. Anxiety over uncertainty about the future and seeing people around you in different stages of planning their future can lead to feeling like an “imposter”. As someone experiencing a similar time in my life right now, I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of enjoying my last year of university as well as making time to prepare for a life after graduation. It is important in times like this to take a break and remind yourself to take care of your mental health to not compare yourselves with your peers. Here are some tips that I personally follow to keep myself grounded and focused on my journey- 

  1. When you feel like the imposter syndrome is consuming you, remind yourself through meditation or journaling that - everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and it is crucial to remember that no one person’s journey can be the same. Check out our tips on How to Cope with Imposter Syndrome

  2. Talk to your friends about your struggles. Open dialogue with people around you who might be going through a similar transition is an amazing way to learn new techniques on coping with all the new feelings. This is also a great way to gain a support system to friends who understand you! 

  3. Devote a self care day for yourself from time to time. This may look different for everyone- personally I like to devote one day to thrifting or practising my crochet skills to give myself a break from the fast paced university life. 

  4. Lastly, before going to bed think about what you are grateful for that day - It can be for the new starbucks drink you had or a helpful encounter with a friend. It is easy to feel like you have nothing to be grateful for each day and reminding yourself of small things makes you feel ready for each new day. 

All the best to all graduating students!!