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CSC Adventures: March 2020

We can’t believe it... March 2020 has arrived! When we started this journey over two years ago, we had no way of knowing what an adventure we would find ourselves on. From the West coast to the East coast, five community partners, seventy five youth, hundreds of hours, and thousands of resources that have been shared across the country. Wow. We feel so incredibly blessed to have been on this journey with Canadian youth and the Canada Service Corps.  

The mindyourmind team started our adventures in Squamish, BC and we were so excited to see what the youth would be interested in creating. From Halifax, NS, to Windsor, ON, to Arviat, NU, and to Winnipeg, MB, each time we entered into a community and met a new group of youth with optimism and excitement. Although it may sound unnerving to not fully know what is going to be co-created, this is an aspect of what mindyourmind does on a regular basis and is a part of the excitement of our whole process.  

We had amazing conversations with each youth team about the specific needs and realities in their respective communities, and through our design lab process, we began to draw themes from the conversation and questions posed. After three days of both small and large group work, and many, many ideas thrown around and concepts chosen; we began to build their resources and tools. The youth take the lead in these conversations with mindyourmind taking notes and asking clarifying questions to ensure the ideas and the essence of their vision is captured. When we return to London, ON we begin the process of bringing to life their vision. Months of meeting with the youth online and working through our design process, allows us to bring the resources and tools to fruition.  

Every group had their own unique vibe and it was so fun to be a part of the magic that was made. Squamish was an energetic group that took every opportunity to get outside - true West coast youth. The Halifax group were passionate advocates for mental health and were committed to having the hard conversations. Our Windsor youth team brought electric energy to the process; we had so many conversations and shared laughs! Arviat was a whole new experience; this group of Inuit youth came out of their comfort zone with our team and shared their culture and passion to make life better. Our final group of newcomer and refugee youth in Winnipeg brought their zest for life and pride of their culture to our weekend together. There was never a dull moment in that weekend, filled with dancing, laughs and soccer!  

Two years, five communities in the country, ten unique and diverse mental health resources created, and thousands of Canadian youth with new tools to support their healing process. We are so excited that this chapter for mindyourmind has not closed, and look forward to this next year. We are cultivating more youth cohorts; the first one this year to be an on-line group that spans across Canada. You will want to stay tuned and see what our amazing Canadian, youth community is coming up with next!!! If you want to be the first to know about new developments, sign up for our newsletter, mindBYTES and follow us on your social media channels.

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