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Damn you Gary Oak!

This is a post of appreciation for my fellow Boolean Operator from Western (Inside joke FTW!). This is also a post to show that an MLIS is more than just a piece of paper giving you ammunition when applying to work in a library or information setting.M.T.G., or just Melissa, my personal Gary Oak, is currently the active Social Media and Project Coordinator for the ‘Mind Your Mind’ organization. They are a wonderful organization which brings tools and information to youth and individuals in need.Even though it’s not the traditional setting for a librarian, it is still a place where a librarian’s touch is needed. Who else can help find the right kind of information? Just as a translator for programs and systems, we are equipped with an internal dictionary. There’s a saying the MLIS coordinator for F.I.M.S. used to use at the end of each of her e-mails. “There are two types of knowledge: knowing the answer and knowing where to find the answer.” So even if we don’t know the answer right now, we will be able to find you the right one.So there is hope for those of you struggling to put to use those skills and abilities you developed in your MLIS degrees. I’m super proud of MTG for not only breaking into the field and really getting an amazing start on her career, but doing so in a way that helps people with information and self expression.Really, that’s what the library community is for: a place which accepts all, and provides them with the information they need. This is a universal trait in any library, and should be held as the main tenant.Also: the games on this site are highly addictive. You’ve been warned.