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Ego to Eco

Ego to Eco

EXPLORE emerging signs of transformation in ourselves.
LEARN about movements where collective energy makes a difference.
SHARE practices that can help us create deep change.
DISCOVER how to develop the capacity to move from ego-centric beings to an eco-centric society.

That was the pitch to attend Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies Nov 11 and 12th. With day one clocking in at a whopping twelve-hour day, we were all hoping the day would be one to remember. And we weren't dissapointed. 

I've loved the Ego to Eco idea from the minute I heard of it. So much of the professional world is about showing people who you are-- usually with a focus on all the ways you're the best at what you do. And while there's a place for that, I like the humbleness of this model. The idea that our Ego sometimes keeps us from doing our best work, because we can only see ourselves.

Ego to Eco is all about focussing on the us. It's about putting aside your need to be the center of attention and listening deeply to what someone else has to say. It's about putting aside your agency affiliations, and focussing on how to help the people we all care about. 

We started each day with a land recognition along with singing and drumming. Throught the days were arts based-breaks to get in touch with all the emotions that came flowing out. We made art together, danced together, cried together. And after a very emotional morning, one that left even lunch a little subdued, we meditated together, sharing in a sense of togetherness we don't often give ourselves the time to experience. We took long walks with people we didn't know and learned about therir lives (my partner had lived through WWII, immigrated and found the sisterhood and embraced feminism for herself). 

Overall, it was a reminder of what we can do if we all take a moment and just be ourselves. To exist in the quiet or in the noise in our own heads. And I won't pretend it was all easy. All of it took work. But for me at least, it was well worth the effort.