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An Email from My 2013 Self

I was sitting at my desk, humming and hawing about what I could possibly write about for my next blog. Then, like it knew I was struggling, my inbox made that lovely whoosh noise. Sure enough, there was an email with the subject line “A letter from November 4th, 2013.” My mind went blank. A letter? From 2013? 

I read the first line, and it all came flooding back: this was a letter I had to write my “future self” from my grade 10 career class. Suddenly, I was excited. What would I say? Would there be something juicy? Wise? Quirky? My hopes were irrationally high for something that I didn’t know existed just a minute before. 

So, seven years later, I was disappointed to find that this was the email I sent myself in high school (see the Gallery image) 

Yes, there’s lots to unpack, I know. 

First off, I’m happy to say that, if nothing else, I’ve learned not to call myself words like ‘idiot’ and be a little kinder to myself in general. Negative self-talk is really not a vibe, and if nothing else, I’m glad I’ve scratched that habit in the past couple of years. 

Second, as you may have guessed, I did not send the “proper email” I promised (unless another one pops up in a few weeks and proves me wrong, which I highly doubt). Also, I’m slightly better at “working efficiently and prioritizing,” ...I think? I hope? Who knows?

Third, yes, I fully thought I would be in med school by now, but jokes on 16-year-old me! It turns out that we hate science and math and are now passionate about media studies, cultural theory, and social justice. We’re also way happier and more fulfilled than we ever would have been than if we dedicated ourselves to writing the MCAT. So, I guess yay for realizing your passions! 

Fourth, if there’s one thing grade 10 Simran taught me today, it’s that it’s never that deep. Sometimes things are uninteresting and funny, and not everything has to be about something else. Maybe I didn’t need spiritual wisdom or a great sign from the universe, and a silly little note from silly little grade 10 me will suffice just fine. Maybe, all I needed was a reminder that I’m doing better now than I was before. And that’s all that matters. 

And finally, a note to Ms. McKague: if you ever end up reading this, I’m so sorry.