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Enjoying the Outdoors for Our Mind

Spending time in nature or in our backyard can be the thing we need if we are feeling stressed. It’s important to get outside to breathe in fresh air, get your vitamin D from the sun and listen to the sounds around you. Sometimes it isn’t something you think of doing to distract yourself, but it is important to remind yourself to take breaks and get outside. Outdoor activities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even something as simple as going for a daily walk can be very beneficial. For example, during this pandemic, we’ve gone for walks with our dog every day, and it has been a great way to clear our minds. Walking, biking, running, swimming and gardening are also activities that give you a chance to work through your thoughts. Even sitting outside and reading could be the thing you need to settle your mind. Simple activities that are helping you feel a bit better the more you use them to your advantage.

The transition from winter and spring to summer is when we start to emerge from our homes and take care of our outdoor worlds. Some people grow flowers and vegetables and enjoy having gardens to work in. Pulling weeds is satisfying, as it takes little effort and your garden looks great afterwards! It’s also great for your mind to learn new skills, and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can be something you can enjoy and feel accomplished about. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your outdoor world in different ways:

If outdoor work is overwhelming, remember you don’t need to get it all done in one weekend. Make a list for summer projects and get it done here and there and then you can feel accomplished. 

Do up an area in your backyard where you can relax and be in a zen zone. Add twinkle lights and some candles for evening hangouts. If you need inspiration, check out Pinterest and Instagram for several affordable ideas to jazz up your outdoor space.

Walking with your headphones in can be a very relaxing activity. Put on relaxing music and set your timer for how long you want to be out! Squeezing this activity into your day once or twice can give you the time you want to clear your mind. 

Is there a beach or pool you could go to for a day by the water? Listening to the waves at the beach can be very calming while sitting under an umbrella and playing in the sand.

There are so many different activities that you can do in the outdoor world to get you away from a computer screen or the TV. When you practice some time in the outside world you can really clear your mind. So tie up your shoes and grab your sunglasses and get out there! You deserve it!