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Expert Interview Series: mindyourmind on Technology and Mental Health

This is an excerpt from interview on Answering 365

We recently talked to Melissa about mental health services and how technology can help streamline mental health services and provide better resources. Here's what she shared:

Can you tell us about the mission behind mindyourmind? How are you hoping to help young people and impact the field of mental health?

The mission behind mindyourmind is to help youth live better lives by promoting wellness, reducing stigma and increasing access to community supports. To do that, we use a youth-adult partnership model that sees everyone as having valuable contributions to the interactive and innovative tools we create. We do this through our Design Studio model, in which young people work directly with facilitators, content experts, and designers to brainstorm, design and develop our projects.

Our major contribution to the mental health field is as facilitators and supporters of youth voice. We work with partners with varied goals from helping newcomers with orientation in Canada, to sexual health and transition care transformation. At mindyourmind, young people are valued as experts in their own experience and we build on their strengths and ideas to create innovation solutions to old problems.

You can learn more about our approach by watching this video...

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