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Facebook supports gender equality by adding new gender identity options

If you don’t identify as male or female, you can now select from a list of gender neutral terms on your Facebook account. This is a huge step in the direction of equality on social media.  A Facebook spokesperson noted that this is “…one more way we can make Facebook a place where people can express their authentic identity."

People can now identify their “custom gender “ instead of male or female and select from a variety of gender neutral terms, including transgender, bigender, cis, gender questioning, and many more. To learn words about gender, sexuality and the power they have to help or hurt, check out Queer as Soup, an Interactive tool created by mindyourmind and Delisle Youth Services.

Facebook also ensured to mindfully make changes to pronouns as well as gender terms. Users now have the option to choose “they” or “their” instead of “he” / “him” and “she” / “her”. So for example, if it’s Allison’s birthday, it might not say, “Write on Allison’s wall for HER birthday”. Depending on Allison’s gender settings, it might say, “Write on Allison’s wall for THEIR birthday”.

You can make changes to your gender settings by going into “About” off of your own profile and scrolling down to the “Basic Information” tab. These changes in the virtual realm are increasing equality digitally. Hopefully this is a step towards increasing equality in the “offline” or “real” world as well!