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Farewell mindyourmind!

Farewell mindyourmind!

With summer coming to an end, it also means my summer internship with mindyourmind has come to a full stop.

This internship is the first job that I’ve ever had, and I still remember the joy when I knew I got the job! I am more than thankful to be able to have the privilege of working here, as I was allowed to combine my art making skills with mental health awareness. I thoroughly enjoy making posters, videos and animations, so being able to create things freely for work is AWESOME, and the thought of those creations possibly helping someone who may be struggling with mental health is even BETTER.

Through these 4 months, I’ve learnt so much about mental health and substance awareness, content creation, leadership, organization and collaborating with others. For example, I never knew there was person-first language, or how certain words made people feel uncomfortable. I also never imagined myself making so many animations or Canva posts, I think this has made me realize I am more capable than I ever thought I was. Designing buttons was also something that made me very happy as it seems like everyone loves them!

Lastly, I wanna thank everyone at mindyourmind for being so kind, welcoming and patient with me! I was very nervous working in an office as I watched many strange TV shows on coworker feuds (haha), but all I feel after working here is the opposite! I wasn’t really the type to ask for help due to my culture, but everyone at mindyourmind was always more than happy to help. I always had fun with the chats we had and I hope to keep in touch! Also, the office food gatherings are phenomenal and my stomach is also glad I worked here!

Once again, thank you mindyourmind for giving me a chance to be creative with my work and spread positivity with my art!