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Fave Finds: Dollarama’s Craft Section

Fave Finds: Dollarama’s Craft Section

This month my fave find is the craft section in Dollarama. As someone who enjoys being creative and “crafty” buying supplies can get really expensive. I usually go to Micheal’s if I’m ever getting the bug to make some art but recently I decided to make a stop at my local Dollarama and I was pleasantly surprised. Dollarama has some amazing beginner arts and crafts kits that are a lot more affordable in comparison to art stores. 

What’s even more cool is that every Dollarama is unique in the type of arts and crafts items they hold so you can always find something unique when visiting a new location. 

Art is something that I’ve always leaned towards when I wanted to feel better. Being able to buy supplies for a less expensive rate makes sure I’m not burdening myself financially while still getting to practise a form of self care that I truly love.  

mindyourmind’s Fave Finds series is all about things we’ve found that support our overall wellness and bring us joy. We encourage you to think about what brings you happiness and comfort.

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