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Feel Good Friday: ADORABLY Exhausted Animals

Changing seasons, back to school chaos and different schedules can throw our bodies off resulting in less sleep.

It seems that every year the transition from summer fun and late nights to cooler weather and school is a tough one on everyone, despite actions taken to make it easier for both parents and students. This week we are featuring some ADORABLY EXHAUSTED animals, because what is better than watching a video you can relate to? If you can’t relate to it, then maybe you have a steady sleep schedule! Good for you! Enjoy these ADORABLY EXHAUSTED animals anyways. I hope that this video brought a smile to your face and that your sleep schedule syncs up with your new fall schedule soon!

The idea of Feel Good Fridays started because we believe the simple things that bring a smile to our face (like exhausted animals), are the best things. Smiling and laughing has been proven to reduce stress in our lives! When we smile or laugh it releases neurotransmitters in our brain called endorphins, which are in charge of making us happy and helping to relieve stress!

Remember to check back next week for the next Feel Good Friday.