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Feel Good Friday: Dating Myself

Hey guys, it’s David, recently with the mindyourmind’s newest team member. I wanted to share some of my wealth of wisdom with you from various life experiences that I’ve had and some of the helpful ways I’ve found to cope. Keep in mind that these strategies are not for everyone. Different people have different coping strategies to find positivity in their lives and that’s great, but if you can take some of my personal experiences and apply them to your own life, have at ‘er!

Today I wanted to talk about a strategy that’s worked for me during times when I’ve been single and struggling with loneliness and depression that I call “dating myself”. I’m not single anymore, but I’ve spent most of my life alone and sometimes it’s hard not to get down on yourself when the people around you seem to be making it work and you can’t seem to find that “special someone”. For times like this, I found it helpful to take myself on dates. Obviously, going out with friends and spending time with family and loved-ones is great, but sometimes I just wanted to be alone or there were things I wanted to do that no one else was interested in or available for. At times like this, I would date myself.

Dating myself is pretty much what it sounds like, I would go to movies, nice restaurants, concerts, special events and local parks and treat myself like a princess, because honestly, who doesn’t want to be a princess? It might sound super lame and sad, but trust me, you’ll get over the stigma really quick and it might help you get out of the house or get a nice meal.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a replacement for professional help and if you’re experiencing a serious crisis you should seek help immediately. has lots of great tools and strategies for all kinds of mental illnesses, so check those out when you get the chance. Sometimes, though, you just gotta treat yourself.

The idea of Feel Good Fridays started because we believe the simple things that bring a smile to our face, are some of the best things. Smiling and laughing has been proven to reduce stress in our lives! When we smile or laugh it releases neurotransmitters in our brain called endorphins, which are in charge of making us happy and helping to relieve stress.