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Feel Good Friday: Flexin’ In My Complexion

Kheris Rogers, a twelve year old from the United States, was being bullied because of her skin colour. Her sister, Taylor, wanted to cheer her up. Taylor remembered a phrase their grandmother used to say “Flexin’ In My Complexion” and decided to take action by posting a photo of Kheris with this hashtag. Kheris got so many compliments and began to realize how beautiful her skin tone is. She wanted to help other people feel proud in their own skin so she decided to create a Flexin’ In My Complexion t-shirt line. That was two years ago; since then she has sold over 10,000 shirts and has made over $100,000. Her shirts have been worn by Lupita Nyong'o, Alicia Keys and more!  

I love this story because it shows that you can take something negative and turn it into a positive. The hardships you experience can help other people heal. I also love that Kheris took a risk and started her own business, she was probably nervous but she powered through. Now she owns a multinational company. The next time you are scared power through.

                “What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does?”

                                        -Peter McWilliams 

 The idea of Feel Good Fridays started because, we believe the simple things that bring a smile to our face, are some of the best things. Smiling and laughing has been proven to reduce stress in our lives! When we smile or laugh it releases neurotransmitters in our brain called endorphins, which are in charge of making us happy and helping to relieve stress.