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Feel Good Friday: Get Your Body Positive On!

12 BoPo Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media can have a huge impact on our mental health. There are so many wonderful aspects, but everyone can relate to the negative impact social media can sometimes have on your mental health.Regardless of your views on social media, you are probably on at least one social media platform. Because of that I wanted to help you make your feed a positive space. As a result I’ve collected twelve body positive Instagram accounts for you to peruse. Enjoy : )

A plus size model with signature fiery red hair who has been making waves in the fashion industry. Recently she was featured on the cover Self Magazine and Cosmo. She has show stopping outfits, a sense of humor and all the confidence.

Do you want to see a bunch of beautiful people dressed stylishly doing their thing? Do you want to see this on folks with diverse skin colours and body types? Follow this account, which happens to be the brainchild of Tess Holiday!

Gia, once featured on @effyourbeautystandards is a hilarious, fierce and stylish trans influencer. If you want to laugh and be inspired check her out. If you want more, check out The Sassy Truth interview with we did.  

Megan Jayne Crabbe is the Author of Body Positive Power, and posts about feminism and body positivity. She posts practical self love and self care suggestions. Her feed is very comforting and colour coordinated (in beautiful pastels).

This Canadian shot to fame a few years ago with his hilarious and amazing recreations of celeb outfits, created out of household materials. Since then he has evolved and become a body positive icon in his own right. He posts frequently about his body positive journey, and is very relatable. He also does drag and posts his lewks - check him out!

Gina Susanna is in recovery and shares her journey with her followers, she is the creator of the hashtag #EmbraceTheSquish, which reinforces the fact that everyone is deserving of love and respect, no matter their size, shape, skin colour, etc. This hashtag has been used over 41,000 times. @nourishandeat is a great place to go if you need a reminder to take care of yourself and love yourself. She is also a NEDA ambassador.

Gloria Lucas started Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) in 2014 after realizing there weren’t many resources that reflected her experience as a person of colour with an eating disorder. She created NPP to provide intersectional eating disorder education and community-based support for people of color who are struggling with troubled eating and poor body-image. She shares practical information about eating disorders and recovery as well as helpful self care reminders and tips.

Tiffany is Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and psychology teacher from Utah. She hosts a podcast, Therapy Thoughts, where she and a guest speak about mental health issues. She also has an awesome Instagram page where she kicks diet culture’s butt!

Kelvin Davis is body positive model, blogger and advocate from South Carolina. He talks about plus size fashion, confidence and the unrealistic expectations black men face. He is also one of the admins for #EffYourBeautyStandards. Follow him if you want to step up your style game and get inspired!

Matt rose to fame when he share a YouTube video of the excess skin he had following weight loss. He discusses important topics such as self-esteem, self-worth, body image, mental health and expectations for men in our society.

Ryan Sheldon is brawn male model, eating disorder and body image advocate and NEDA Ambassador. Ryan talks about his own recovery, unrealistic beauty standards for men and mental health.

Madison Lawson is a journalism student, podcaster, disability rights advocate and beauty influencer. Her instagram feed is full of amazing makeup and style inspiration. On top of that she posts thought provoking content about living with a disability and societal misconceptions about disability.

The idea of Feel Good Fridays started because, we believe the simple things that bring a smile to our face, are some of the best things. Smiling and laughing has been proven to reduce stress in our lives! When we smile or laugh it releases neurotransmitters in our brain called endorphins, which are in charge of making us happy and helping to relieve stress.