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Feel Good Friday: Trust Your Power

Stop what you’re doing and watch this ad, where Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman tells his story about being hearing impaired and reaching his potential regardless of being picked on and initially rejected to play professional football. “They didn’t call my name. Told me it was over. But I’ve been deaf since I was three, so I didn’t listen”. Coleman is now the first deaf offensive player in the NFL.

"No matter what you're doing, no matter what kind of problem -- you can't see well, you can't feel well, you can't hear well or you have depression ... whatever you wanna do, it’s still achievable," Coleman said. "You just have to overcome certain obstacles." 

The idea of Feel Good Fridays started because we believe the simple things that bring a smile to our face (like being inspired by people obtaining their dreams!), are the best things. Smiling and laughing has been proven to reduce stress in our lives! When we smile or laugh it releases neurotransmitters in our brain called endorphins, which are in charge of making us happy and helping to relieve stress!

Remember to check back next week for the next Feel Good Friday.