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Feel Like a Pot of Gold Not a Sack of Potatoes!

How to Party Safely this St. Patrick’s Day

With spring comes the time change, warmer weather and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day!

According to Time Magazine, St. Patrick's is celebrated far beyond the street of Ireland, and has become one of the most globally celebrated holidays. Just like here in Canada, many of us associate the day with shamrocks, green outfits and copious amounts of green beer. Although this might sound like a good time for many, for those who overindulge it can take a quick turn into a night spent over the toilet bowl...or even worse a night in the hospital.

Whether you choose to spend St. Patrick’s Day out for drinks with friends, or at a house party, it is important to understand your body. Every person has their limits and the most important thing is doing what you need to do to stay safe this during this festive day.

Here are a few resources to help you make informed choices this St. Patrick’s Day:

Getting High Whether it be green beer, or other types of “green” the Getting High Tool can help you make an informed decision when deciding whether to use drugs or alcohol. Besides know about the substance you will be taking it is important to know who you are taking it with, where you will be taking it and what kind of mood you are in.

Think About Partying resource was developed by a group of youth that work with the Perth District Health Unit. These youth talk about issues that are important to them, including the harmful effects of smoking, sun safety and safe partying. The Think About Partying resource is meant to provide young people with important information about a number of topics related to partying, and support young people in making informed choices.

Think About It is a resources developed for parents of teens and young adults to learn more about youth parting habits and how to have informed discussion with their child about partying.

When using drugs or alcohol it is important to be informed about the substances you are taking and their potential harmful effects. Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines and Canada’s Low Risk Cannabis Guidelines are a great way to find information on reducing the risk and harmful effects of over consumption of alcohol or cannabis.

Whether it is your first time, or your twentieth time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it is important to be informed and make the best choice for you. If ever you aren’t feeling comfortable or think you have over done it, be sure to connect with a supportive friend or family member and when in doubt get help from your doctor or the emergency room.

Stay safe!