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Get Ready. Change is Coming.

What is Be Change?

Imagine this…

You are a young person who has an amazing idea about how to improve wellness in your community. You do your research and see that your idea is definitely achievable. You speak to all of your friends and peers and they absolutely love the concept. However, there’s just one problem: You lack the money, know-how and support to make the project a reality.

This is the situation that Be Change will, well... change.

Be Change is a crowd-funding platform to help young changemakers build their ideas and fund them into reality. Through our crowdfunding platform, young people can choose to raise money for a one-time initiative or an ongoing wellness project. In addition, we will help young people and the organizations they partner with – like our parent organization mindyourmind – to help their ideas go further in equal partnership. Be Change isn’t just about raising money. It’s about partnering with youth to develop and perfect their ideas and then helping them get the resources to make it happen.

We started working on Be Change in 2013, and have since talked to dozens of key advisors who have experience using crowdfunding. They encouraged us to think beyond building a traditional crowdfunding platform. From these amazing conversations, a co-design team of young people and adults was formed to help us build a platform that provides peer support, partnerships and resources to support their ideas. Everything you see on Be Change today was a product of this innovative approach.

Our co-design team and key advisors identified three priorities:

  1. Peers – By youth, for youth. It is critical to form connections to other changemakers in order to exchange resources, experiences and collaborate as needed.
  2. Partners – Be Change will seek to empower youth within organizations, and help partners create successful youth driven projects. Through our comprehensive youth engagement model, we will help inspired youth and skilled adults combine to create change.
  3. Resources – Resources on running your own project can be overwhelming with so much available online. We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of expertly influenced resources in one spot so that you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet to find them yourself.

mindyourmind partnered with the Young Health Program (YHP) to make Be Change a reality. The YHP is AstraZeneca Canada’s national community-investment initiative that aims to improve the health of Canada’s young people. Part of that commitment includes AstraZeneca’s dedication to the Young Health Program as a long-term, global community investment.

YHP Canada aims to improve adolescent health and aid in the delivery of community engagement and advocacy activities that help make a difference in the lives of youth. When young people participate, it results in decisions that better respond to their needs and improved program outcomes over the longer term.

We are working our asses off to get this platform live and running. Visit to sign up for our newsletter so that you will be the first to know when we launch.

Get Ready.
Change is coming!