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Get Real NationWide Week 10

All right, it finally seems as though the project is starting to take shape, which is a good thing since sadly we only have about 10 sessions left. Breaking out into the smaller chat groups last session was obviously a VERY good idea, since we came up with so many new and creative poster ideas for the campaign. For those who don’t remember, there were three main areas that we were to focus our creativity on:- Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks- Peer Support/Helping a Friend- You’re Not Alone/I’m not the Only OneThree different topics, yet they’re all very closely related. And our goal for each of them is the same: to raise awareness to the issue, reduce the stigma surrounding it, and teach people about what they can do to help others/themselves.Many ideas were thought up, each one unique and very interesting. A couple of examples that stood out were:“A teen (male) slumping outside of a counselling office, waiting to go inside and looking very unsure of himself. This would be accompanied by some fact, such as “9 out of 10 males don’t seek out the help they need, when they need it.”– This would represent how males seem to be a lot less able (for whatever reason) to reach out and communicate when they’re coping with depression or other mental disorders.“A teen looks into a mirror, as they stand alone in their room. In the mirror’s reflection, there are tons of people, smiling and laughing. It would be accompanied by the words “You are not alone.”Those are just two of the many ideas that we came up with, and hopefully there will be even more to come in the future sessions of Get Real Written by Get Real NationWide participant, Morgan, 16, Manitoba