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Get Real NationWide Week 12

That Thursday night was a restless one for the insidious masked villain of Stigma was creeping through the world and spreading negativities about. However, there should be no fear! For the Get Real team is here! At about 7 PM Eastern Time, the eighteen heroes from around Canada took a break from their battles with giant squids and godzillas to come and defeat Stigma!Once again, lead by Happy Heather, Bubbly Brenda, Merry Maria Luisa, Magnificent Michelle and Super Silence, the members of the GetReal League broke out into BREAKOUT GROUPS. With a BAM BAM and POW POW, we continued our weekly discussions on narrowing down our epic plans to take down our villain. Each breakout groups discussed the three ideas and narrowed it down to two from each group. From umbrellas to mirrors, the GetReal league really brained up a storm in the past discussions and it finally came to the time to vote for the ideas where we’ll actually use to fight Stigma. The six plans that we decided on were:-Music as a form of hope! For a poster idea, we’ll have a concert and people trying to get past “Insecurity, Hopelessness” security guards to get to the band which represents hope!-Supporting a friend! For a poster idea, we’ll have a friend holding out an umbrella to shelter a friend from life stresses raining down on them.-Mirror reflecting the truth! For a poster idea, a person is at a party surrounded with people. However in the mirror, it shows that the person is actually alone and depressed but there are also people in the mirror that want to help except they’re not at the party.-Anxiety/Panic Attack Wallet Card! For an useful way to relate information about Anxiety/Panic Attacks, we can develop a wallet card that tells what an anxiety/panic attack is and how to help someone who may be going through one.-This too shall pass! To spread the message of Hope, we’ll have the words “This too shall pass” in graffiti on posters.-How to help a friend! A poster idea to show youth how to a help a friend in need!So watch out, Stigma! Next week, the GetReal team is ready to jump into the Hope Mobile to defeat the likes of you! With a Wham! Pow! Kaboosh!Written by Get Real NationWide Participant Jeanie, 16, British Columbia