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Get Real NationWide Week 13

So, Thursday, September 18th, 2008 marked the 13 meeting of’s Get Real Nationwide Youth Crew. Although there was a smaller group than usual this time our weekly objective of IDEAMANIA went forth with full force. Beginning the meeting we all took some time to chat with each other about what was going on in everyone’s life. It turns out that most people like techno and nachos, and all but one group member is partial to camping; even with all the snakes, bugs, and even the dirt.Back to business. We stared with breakout groups. Michelle, Caroline, and I broke out into a group together to work out the ideas for the umbrella poster. This poster is to, in some manner; depict two people in the rain under an umbrella. This image is to be symbolic of a friend supporting a friend going through mental health related issues; which is to be portrayed by rain containing text in the stormy night. For our part we were able to decide on a couple of photo’s that will be suiting for our promotional poster. Also we developed a number of ideas for the poster’s tag lines, which will be the text that brings the posters theme all together, and text in the rain graphic design that will be the job of our very talented graphic designer, Michelle.Heather, Jeanie, and Meagan broke-out into a separate group to do some more brainstorming for the “how to help a friend” promotional poster. In their session the three came up with some great ideas for the graphics and text for this poster. From what I gather this poster is to be a source of advice for someone who may be in the position to help a friend who is suffering from the issues that are akin to mental health problems. They came up with some very important points; such as, information about how to listen and ask questions of a friend who is going through a hard time and different sorts of advice that you could give a friend who is going through such times. The graphics for this poster tentatively include the couple of friends, speech bubbles, and monsters. It sounds pretty darn sweet to me!The last breakout group consisted of Brenda, Capp, Morgan and Erin. They focused their attention to the further development of the anxiety/panic attach wallet-sized information cards. From what I understand from this piece’s evolution it is to be two sided with one side outlining out the signs and symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks and the other side is to give some tips and guidelines for helping an individual who suffers from these problems at their onset. I think the task for the week following this meeting is to be filled with much research about the theme of this promotional piece.Alright, with all of that I must say I believe that all of duties as this year’s Get Real Youth Crew are going really well. Each group’s respective promotional material seem to be developing supremely well. I am, and I am sure I may speak for all of my colleagues, very much excited to see the outcome of all of our ideas and hard work. So, until next time folks; REACH OUT, GIVE HELP, GET HELP. Oh, and also: Breathe, Grove, and Inspire.Written by Get Real NationWide participant, Todd, 21, Yukon Territory