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Get Real NationWide Week 14

on thursday september 25th at 7pm some ish went downa radical new youth movement joined together from town to towncoast to coastwe got this whole country in our scopesjust a hope for better treatmentto rid these cloaks and get out these secretsbelieve it brothers and sistersone in five is just another with scissorswe dont pretend to see the world like youi guess we see the end could just unfurl to soonbut that dont mean we gotta let the present slidewhy should lettin it out be social suicidei aint crazy man, i just seen heaven hideyou wont help me get better,youd rather spend to send our men and women dieyour policies, like dr jekyll and mr hydemaybe i just need a friend to tell me i’m alrightyou know some shelter from the storma helper to get me to that doori’m fightin a war here but its all in my mindi set my sights to score but they tell me i’ve gone blindthey tell me again and again i’m not worth their timewell i’m sick of waitin in lineso i aint gunna sugar coat this rhymewe want change, were sick of the stigmatizationwe’re not gunna sit idly byget rid of the enigmanationthis is get real, nation wideWritten by Get Real NationWide participant, Alex, 18, Ontario