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Get Real NationWide Week 15

This week we went over the mock ups for the anxiety card, how to help a friend and the umbrella poster. We discussed the things that we liked and disliked about all of the different mock ups (everything from font, to colour, to pictures, to the placement of the pictures). Michelle was given a lot of feedback about the wonderful designs that she had created based on the feedback that was given last week. Next week there will be more evaluation of the new posters created. So far, it feels like we, as a group, are really focusing in on the topics that we have chosen. Each week we get a little bit closer to our ideal posters, postcards and/or business cards. There was also some talk this week about maybe getting all of us together to meet. The prospect of this is exciting for all of us. I look forward to our session next week and developing our ideas further.Written by Get Real NationWide Participant Meagan, 22, Alberta