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Get Real NationWide Week 19

On Thursday October 30, 2008 the Get Real Nationwide youth crew got together for their second to last meeting. This meeting marked that our project is nearing its end. At the beginning of this journey our group of diverse individuals got together with the aim to develop social promotional material to aid in the fight against the stigma that surrounds mental illness. With this 18th meeting our projects are nearing their final stages; we have soared past the conceptual stages and are on the doorstep of the production portion of our developments. I am confident that I can speak for the whole team when I say that I am very proud of the evolution of these materials.This week’s meeting began with a review of the materials in their final product form. All of the posters, and the other promotional material, definitely turned out better than I could have imagined at the beginning of this process. It is surely evident, in everything from the “Help a Friend” umbrella poster to the Trainspotting themed poster, that the Get Real London home team definitely took all of the ideas and decisions that came forth in the past 18 weeks and utilized them to produce the best materials possible.During the meeting Capp addressed the group about her ideas for a Get Real Zine. She is going to be sending out some inspirational questions for the group to ponder in writing a story for the zine. This is to be a personal story regarding the members’ experiences with mental illness, how it affected them in the past, and how they are currently dealing with it. This is definitely a great project. Stories like these can really do good in helping individuals who are dealing with problems of their own and are in need of some piece of mind or advice.The final bit of business of the meeting was that there was going to be an opportunity for some members to volunteer to be media representatives for the group. It was Megan and I, with Iris as our understudy, who decided to volunteer to be interviewed by media contacts. Also, Jeanie volunteered to be interviewed about via webcamTo bring this blog entry to a close I just wanted to express the gratitude I have for the home team for bringing our group together for this project. This was a process of truly collective efforts that I am so proud to have been part of. I am certainly going to miss meeting with this wonderful group of people every week to brainstorm, share stories, and more generally converse.That is all.Todd, 21, is a Get Real NationWide participant from Yukon Territory