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Get Real Nationwide Week 6

Although we are still experiencing technical difficulties in our weekly meetings, we are learning to get around them and make our sessions work.We were asked to gather examples of social marketing [Definition: "Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society." - Kotler and Andreasen]. We looked over some great examples and chatted about what we liked and disliked. We now have a collection of ads that we can pick through and dissect to inspire our potentially super-fantastic Get Real ad!We have already started talking about what will make our social marketing campaign effective. Here are some of our conclusions:Simple is good. Clutter and wordy ads are too much for a passerby or page-flipper to take in.A lot of the ads we really like have colourful, punchy, uncluttered images.Images that say a lot without words are effective.Nudity catches the eye!We like ransom letter ads. There were two very unique ads in this style that were supported heartily.We also got the chance to see our target demographic through statistics and graphs. It was interesting to see how popular is around the world, what provinces are out of the MYM loop, and a bit of a gender division. Hopefully our ad will change this and help get more people aware of such a great resource.Written by Get Real NationWide participant Sharon, 22, North West Territories