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Get Real NationWide Week 9

Breaking out’s funWe logged on to WebEx at about 6.30 EST. Almost everyone on the team was a bit nervous because we would be using breakout sessions for the first time. (Breakout sessions are a feature of WebEx that allows participants to be broken up into more than one session, or simply put, multiple rooms).Caroline is usually the first to login but this week Sharon (North West Territories) was the first one in. A few minutes later Todd (Yukon), Capp (Nova Scotia) and Iris logged in. Interestingly, Iris joined the session from New York.After all pleasantries and sound test were out of the way, Heather started the session. The ice breaker this week starred Quebec’s Lenny, Caroline’s likeable dog. A photo of Lenny was posted on the screen and participants were asked to guess what Lenny was thinking. ‘Twas fun to judge by the adorned photo of Lenny atop.Brenda did a recap of the Session 8 before we broke into three different groups.Brenda, Michelle and Heather were the group facilitators.Michelle was all smiles as she discussed her group in our regular after-session debrief. My group is leaning towards a postcard (apparently something to do with lungs and deep breathing) and copying tools for anxiety, she said.Brenda’s group focused on the missive “you are not alone” and one of the poster ideas included an “umbrella” – probably not the one that Rihanna sings about in the hit song of the same name.Heather’s group generated ideas around gender stereotypes and roles and tips for helping a friend.Certainly, the most exciting thing about these workshops is the fleshing out of ideas in small groups and the whole “we-like-this-but-change-that” process that follows. So I am waiting eagerly to see which ideas will survive this process.Most of the feedback after the survey suggests that the Get real posse enjoyed ‘breaking out’. It means smaller groups and more time to talk and share ideas. This is particularly encouraging because we will be using breaking sessions in the coming weeks as we get down to the meet of the program – creating materials.Written by Silence, the tech guy for the Get Real Campaign