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#GetLoud - CMHA Mental Health Week 2019

It’s the 68th annual CMHA Mental Health Week and they want us to get loud about what mental health really means. Too often people confuse mental health and mental illness. Everyone has mental health and needs to take care of it but not everyone will experience a mental illness. Using mental health and mental illness interchangeably adds to stigma because it separates those who experienced mental illness and those who haven’t, therefore making mental health the responsibility and concern of only a few people. When in reality mental health is everyone’s business because everyone has mental health.

Additionally, CMHA has focused on six features of good mental health which are: a sense of self, a sense of purpose, of belonging, contribution, enjoyment and resilience. You can see how you are doing in these key areas here. They also have some helpful mental health tips and information on their website.

To celebrate, CMHAs across the country are hosting events throughout the week that will be sure to educate and inspire you. Find your branch here and get involved!