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#GetReal - CMHA Mental Health Week 2021

This week marks the 70th annual Mental Health Week hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association! The #GetReal from previous years is now followed by 2021’s tagline: ‘Name it, don’t numb it.’ Elaborating on this, the MHW2021 website explains that “even in times of extreme anxiety and stress, mental health is something we can protect, not just something we can lose”. 

CMHA wants people to understand that recognizing, articulating, and working through our emotions, whether they be good or bad, is essential to our maintaining mental health. Like in May 2020, the first Mental Health Week of the pandemic, MHW2021 is highlighting the need to express and externalize our current feelings to be able to deal with them in a healthy way. 

Getting real with ourselves and others is the first step to lightening the heavy loads that we still carry. Essentially, this week is meant to help people realize that being uncomfortably or unthinkingly numb isn’t the best option for our mental health. The next step is to think about how we #GetReal.

At mindyourmind, we’re offering ways to do this with our May mental health tips. We’re inspired by the MHW2021 theme, and we want to continue this conversation on Twitter for the rest of the month. We’ll be talking about what it means to be honest with yourself about your emotions, share those feelings with others, and seek support along the way. We have lots of strategies and suggestions for people who want to #GetReal, and we can’t wait to share them! Follow us on Twitter to get your daily tips #mymTips.

Finally, this Mental Health Week is especially exciting for us because Be Safe by mindyourmind is new and improved! In this updated version of our safety planning app, you’ll find a more modern interface, upgraded features, and resources specific to your region. You can download Be Safe by mindyourmind just in time for Mental Health Week 2021! It’s already available in the App Store and Google Play.

So, Happy Mental Health Week 2021! We hope you’ll join us in getting real about your mental health this week, this month, and all year around. As always, mindyourmind is here to help you name it, not numb it!