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In March, 2017, mindyourmind had the opportunity to partner with the London Health Sciences Centre to create a tool to help people with type 1 diabetes transition from pediatric to adult care. Over the course of a weekend, eight young people with type 1 diabetes from the London community worked with the team here to create several useful tools that would help to make this transition as smooth as possible.

It was an amazing group to be a part of. It seemed that a lot of participants enjoyed being able to talk to other people who deal with the same issues as them every day. I really hope these supportive conversations continue on the hashtag that was created over the weekend, #GrowingWithT1D.

Along with the hashtag, we also created a series of cards to be conversation starters for young people going into their appointments with their specialists. These cards will hopefully help young people start conversations that can sometimes be awkward but are important to have. All together, it was a great weekend and I’m happy to hear that the tools are now in circulation in the LHSC community.

Click to check out the cards created and meet the Diabetes group.

For more information check out the LHSC site.