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Hate: The Cause of Mental Illness?

Hate. To me, this is what causes a lot of mental illness. Yes, chemical imbalances in the brain can cause mental illness, especially some of the more genetically based ones, like schizophrenia and OCD. But what about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cutting, etc.? Yes, those can all be caused by genetics as well, or loss, or many factors but a large majority are also caused by hate. Sometimes mental illness can be prevented if people weren’t put down, bullied, called names, teased, ridiculed, abused, or made to feel unimportant, undervalued or worthless. I saw this picture on a video and captured the screen shot because it spoke volumes to me.




“hang yourself”

“door knob”


“i hate you”

“you’re poor”

“go to hell”



“shoot yourself”



“no one likes you”





“give up”




Why do we fucking say these things to people???? In my opinion, this is what causes pain. This is what causes low self-esteem and low self confidence and shame and fear and guilt and hopelessness for being yourself. This is what makes the world a difficult place for some people to be in. This is what causes some people to be depressed, have anxiety, starve themselves or puke or even kill themselves...

Whether these things are coming from classmates, parents, siblings, teachers, or whoever – it’s bullying and it’s emotional abuse! No one deserves it. There’s no excuse for it.

So if you’re dishing it out, ask yourself why you’re doing that. Where did you learn the hate? Where did you learn that it’s ok? Why are you hurting someone else? Were you ever on the receiving end of this? If yes, how did that make you feel? Recognize that if you’re talking to and treating someone in this way, you need help too. Whatever’s causing you to act this way towards another person is coming from somewhere. Don’t perpetuate the hate. It hurts everyone. If you're a bully, you need just as much help as the people you are hurting. Think about it.