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Hi, I’m Lilianna

introducing Lilianna

Hi, my name is Lilianna, and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I am currently studying Media and the Public Interest at Western University. Media and the Public Interest is a unique program at Western which connects communications with social justice. I like the program as I am not only learning about theories related to media but also learning how media can influence and shape society in a positive way. I hope to be part of projects that use media to better the community and its members in the future.

I was drawn to mindyourmind as they do just that. Through media, they are making a difference in their community. One specific example of media being used for a positive impact is the Be Safe app. This app excites me because it utilizes technology to connect individuals to community resources conveniently. Additionally, the work at mindyourmind resonated with me because of their inclusion with young people when creating content. In my personal experience, I have found a gap between the content creators for mental health and addiction resources and the audience they are targeting. At mindyourmind, the content is driven by young people, and I find that very unique and helpful.

When I am not in school, I enjoy being in nature. During quarantine, I took up running and was able to run a half-marathon in New York City. Another one of my favourite pastimes is art. I enjoy making art as it allows me to express and take time for myself.