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How to Get it Together Before School Starts

Ugggggggghhhhhhhh school is almost here. Goodbye chill summer days. Hello homework, waking up early, and being stuck inside all day. Even though school can be rough there are some things you can do to make the transition a little easier. Here are some things to start trying now so that the back to school transition is a bit easier.

  1. Adjust your sleep schedule.

    As the summer goes on we might find ourselves going to bed later and later and waking up later as well. Try going to bed and waking up a bit earlier (15-30 mins) everyday until you are back in line with your school schedule. Hopefully by practicing this, you won’t have to hit snooze 300 times on the first day of school!

  1. Food Prep. Eating tasty and healthy food is a big deal to me, but I wasn’t always good at preparation and planning ahead. In high school I would only bring granola bars for lunch, they were easy but it was sad and unsatisfying. Don’t be like me! Check out Pinterest to find some easy and tasty lunches/breakfasts you could make in a pinch.

  1. Plan for Stress.

    Assignments + extracurricular commitments + social situations= stress.

    You will be stressed out at some point this year, make a plan so it can be more manageable. Think about ways you can relieve your stress in a healthy and enjoyable way. Who can you talk to when you are stressed? What are the signs that tell you you need to reach out for help? Having a plan will help you make it through!

  1. Take Some Me Time. It can be difficult to carve out time to do what you enjoy during the school year, so make sure you spend time doing what you love now. It will help you feel more relaxed when you go back to school. Also look at your schedule for the year. Carve out some “you time” every week throughout the year. For example every Monday night you set aside time to watch your favourite show. Maybe you will draw every Saturday morning. Take these appointments as seriously as you would if it were a date with a friend. Having fun will help the school year feel more bearable.

  1. Treat Yo Self. Back to school season is rough. Treat yourself, buy a nice planner, pencil, notebook, reusable water bottle or snack to help the first day of school feel a bit special.

  1. Reflect. Take advantage of the downtime you have and think about what you want for the upcoming year. Do you want to be more involved in school or did you find you had too much on your plate last year? Do you have supportive friends or do you want to expand your horizons and meet new people? Thinking about what you want and need is important, you have the power to shape your life!

I hope these tips help! Remember to follow us on Twitter, during the month of September we will be posting tips on self care during the school year.  Also keep your eyes peeled on our blog section, there will be another blog about how to beat procrastination. Good luck!!