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How to survive first year university

External Post: University or college is completely different from highschool – the expectations are high, the costs are high and the distractions are many.

Add in moving to a new city and living in a dorm, all this change can prove too much to handle.So where to turn for help? Friends and family are definitely always there, but if you're trying to find a sympathetic resource with the click of a mouse, iCopeU has been created for you in mind.

Fanshawe College is the first post-secondary college to enlist iCopeU for their students, an online resource website to help with mental health and emotional problems that can occur with college students.

The site features a series of videos and games to test your knowledge of mental health issues and offer up support and information.

As well, the site offers information for you or to help a friend with the problems they are facing, suggesting online as well as on-campus resources for Fanshawe students to deal with anger management, addiction issues, fear, grief, self-esteem and stress.

iCopeU was created by mindyourmind, a non-profit organization created to offer mental health information to youth and young adults. Using music, art, and video, mindyourmind came out of the work of The Youth Discovery Program, created by the London Mental Health Crisis Program in London, ON.

Although rooted in southwestern Ontario, the site offers several resources that can benefit students across Canada, including tips for dealing with stress, online resources and personal stories from fellow students.

Written by Waheeda for Walletpop Canada