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How to Undo Productivity Guilt: Part 3

How to Undo Productivity Guilt

Challenge Procrastination with Small Steps 

If you tend to procrastinate and feel guilty because a work task is too daunting to start, follow the Eisenhower Matrix, to increase productivity.

  1. Do first: Only focus on important priorities to be done that day. 
  2. Schedule: Write down the other tasks that need to be scheduled as a secondary priority.
  3. Delegate: Order tasks from urgent to less important. 
  4. Don’t do: Not important or urgent - don’t need to do anything at all that day.

By focusing on one important task at a time, you will feel your procrastination has less power over you. As a reward for getting work done, you can do a pleasurable activity (for ideas see 32 Brilliant Ways to Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done) for yourself. 

In turn, you can use gratitude, and you’ll be motivated to do even more work on your matrix list from the dopamine hit. 

The Bottom Line

Untie your value to success by understanding that the process and celebrating the tiny wins along the way are what actually makes you happy and fulfilled, not the final destination. 

It will lessen the importance of how perfect something needs to be in order to be deemed successful, to succeed in something. Thus, increasing your ability to be more present in whatever task you're doing at hand. 

Not doing a task is usually a result of fear (see, Beating the Fears that Cause Procrastination). Fear of not doing it perfectly or fear of failing. In other cases, such as needing to take a break, you’re being responsible by resting your mind to work better later, and that will usually spark greater ideas. 

But by consciously engaging in a small task no matter your mood or emotions, the progress will make you feel productive even if you don’t believe you're doing enough because you are doing something. 

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