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It’s Action Anxiety Day! Here are 7 Tips for Coping With Anxiety

7 Tips for Coping With Anxiety

This year, June 10th is officially the first annual world anxiety awareness day now known as Action Anxiety Day. Anxiety Canada, a Canadian registered charity and non-profit organization is leading this global movement in hopes to promote awareness and education about anxiety disorders. It is so important to provide information and eliminate the stigma surrounding anxiety as it impacts so many people in different ways. That is why today we want to share 7 tips for coping with anxiety and anxious thoughts. Check them out!

  1. Identify Anxiety Triggers
    Pay attention to what specific events or situations may be causing your anxiety or worrying. When you identify triggers it can be easier to prepare and deal with these feelings. Feeling out of control is often a symptom of anxiety, so being prepared for situations you know might bring about your symptoms can help minimize this anxiety and get you through these moments. 
  1. Have A Mantra
    Words of affirmation or a phrase that grounds and calms you are great tools to have for combatting anxiety. One that resonates and is meaningful to you can be repeated or written down to help remind you that anxious feelings are temporary and separate you from overwhelming thoughts. 
  1. Find An Activity That Reduces Your Anxiety
    Everyone will have different activities that help distract them from periods of anxiety. Finding what works for you might take some trial and error but is important for reducing and getting through moments of anxiety. For some, a workout may be exactly what they need to clear their mind while others may prefer diving into a good book or watching their favourite movie. Activities that bring you a sense of calm and ease can be just what you need to reduce worries and cope with anxiety. 

  1. Put Your Thoughts On Paper
    When our mind is racing with anxious thoughts it can be difficult to untangle your worries from your present reality. Sometimes the best way to do this is to put these thoughts down on paper. Try a journal or even a blank piece of paper that you can get rid of after. Physically transferring your thoughts from your mind to paper can help you see what you are feeling and clear space for present, positive thoughts. 

  1. Get Outside
    Fresh air can do wonders for clearing the mind and relieving symptoms of anxiety. Sometimes a walk outside with your favourite music or a trip to get lunch can help distract you from what is triggering your anxiety and give you the refresh needed to carry on. 

  1. Focus On The Positives
    Anxiety can make it difficult to focus on anything other than negative ‘what if’s’. Focusing on positive things that are happening to you right now, or the things you’re grateful for is a great way to pull yourself out of negative, anxious thoughts. You could write down 5 things that are making you happy in that moment, say out loud what makes you grateful, or think about them in your head while focusing on taking deep breaths. Find what works for you!

  1. Talk To Someone
    If you’re overwhelmed by anxiety it’s important to talk to someone you trust or seek help. You should never be ashamed to talk about your anxiety with a loved one or a professional. Counselors and therapists have a lot of experience treating anxiety and can recommend tools and resources just for you. Anxiety is more common than people realize and it’s OK to reach out for help! 

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