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It’s Been a Slice!

My time at mindyourmind is coming to an end and it’s given me the opportunity to reflect on these past few years.

I’ve been really privileged to work with so many amazing youth across the country. The youth in our program were so open and hard working. I appreciate their determination to make the world a better place and their willingness to share and engage with difficult subject matter. I am very proud of the tools we’ve made in partnership with these groups across the country. The future (and the present) is in good hands!

I’ve also been really blessed to work with such an amazing team; the team at mindyourmind is hardworking, dedicated and hilarious. It’s been great to come into the office everyday and laugh with my team while we create amazing resources with/for young people and the people in their lives. My time here has really illustrated the fact that “many hands make light work”. We are a small team but we’re able to accomplish a lot!

I look forward to seeing what the team co-creates with young people in the future. There are some pressing issues our society is facing. I have faith that these troubling issues will be faced head on by the mindyourmind team and the youth we work with.