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It’s been a slice mindyourmind

Well the day has come, it’s my final day working for mindyourmind *inserts crying gif*

I cannot begin to describe the amazing opportunities that I have received through working with the amazing mindyourmind team over the past 7 months. From the opportunity to write blogs to creating social media posts to creating their inaugural podcasting season! Over the past few months not only have my communication skills have excelled, but I have learned invaluable information about youth mental health care systems within Canada, and how I can better support those who are struggling with mental illnesses. When I reflect back on my time here there are many fond memories, although there will always be one memory that I cherish most: August 1st, when we successfully launched our first podcast episode. The moment that our “who are we” episode launched was the moment that I realized the podcast season was really happening. My favorite episode to create was probably the “stress and staying grounded” episode or the “advice for young people” episode, as I found the most meaningful connections to the clips that those musicians gave to us over the past years.

To have the opportunity as a 3rd year speech communication student to create, edit and publish a podcast for any organization, let alone a nationally recognized youth mental health program is virtually unheard of. In addition to being given this amazing opportunity, I was able to write, blog and speak about topics that I found personally relevant to the program’s goals. Having worked for mindyourmind as a communications associate, my passion for mental health advocacy has grown and I hope to work more in the mental health industry after I graduate.

So, thank you for all of the amazing opportunities, my time here at mindyourmind will always be cherished.