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It's Almost New Years Eve!

New Years Eve is fast approaching and most of us have our plans and are preparing for this celebratory night!  Some of us are staying in by ourselves or with friends and family, some of us are planning to party until the sun comes up!  

Perhaps this NYE you’re not feeling particularly festive, and are not looking forward to the transition into 2019. Maybe you’re feeling alive and excited and ready to move forward into the new year!  Whatever space December 31st finds in you, remember that you are here for a reason, and that your life matters to someone!

Honour what feels right for you: spend the night feeling and expressing yourself as you need to.  Maybe you’ll dance the night away with friends, and maybe you’ll be alone, curled up with a blanket shedding some tears. The good news is, there IS no wrong way to spend the night. And most importantly, BE SAFE!

Check out the following links to make sure you have a good idea about how to best support yourself this New Years Eve!