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January 30th was Bell Let's Talk day

January 30th was Bell Let's Talk day to raise money for mental health!

What did we do to raise awareness this year?

We visited Youth Opportunities Unlimited and Innovation Works in London, ON to have people share their thoughts on mental illness and help start the conversation. We were welcomed by so many people sharing and being open about this important topic that so many people attach stigma to. Bell wants us to interact with each other on Bell Let’s Talk so that not only are we all raising money for mental health in Canada, we are talking about it!

This year Bell raised $7,272,134.95 for Canadian mental health.

Since its inception in 2010, millions of people have texted, snapped (snap chat), hashtagged and called over a billion times and raised over $100 Million dollars to support mental health.  Bell Let’s Talk Day might only happen once a year but the funds are used throughout the year to support 4 pillars

  1. Anti-Stigma
  2. Care and Access
  3. Research
  4. Workplace

To learn more about Bell Let’s Talk and how the funds are used visit their website!