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Join Defeat Depression throughout October!


The Defeat Depression Campaign events will be happening throughout October!  The goal is to get people to take action against depression and MOVE FOR MENTAL HEALTH!

If you have not already signed up to participate there is still time - Defeat Depression events are being held in Canada during the month of October.

Visit the campaign website for a list of events and dates being held. If you don't see a formal event in your community, hold your own activity.  Choose any day to hold a walk, run or bike ride. Hold a flash mob, baseball game or any activity you prefer! Do it alone, invite your family and friends, have your workplace take part as a team. Register on our website and create your personalized page. Then send out an email directly from your own event page. Show everyone you support mental health. Don't leave your town off the map!

Please help us spread the word. Forward this message to your friends, family and coworkers!

Together we can take a stand against depression, raise awareness and fight stigma!

For more information, please visit: the national campaign site, the Defeat Depression Facebook page or follow the campaign on Twitter.