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Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Some of us shared some personal thoughts and experiences around different mental health issues and I decided to share one of the poems I wrote about suicide. Here it is again, for everyone else that doesn't attend our meetings.

Written By: Inali

I wanna sink both feet into the sorrow
let it come up to my knees, stop thinking about tomorrow
I'm so cold the shiver's starting to shatter my bones
I crowd surf for heat but I still feel so alone

hard as stone, my heart is beating
precious metals to my head
my fingers scraping barrel bottom
thinkin' I can't stop until I am dead

but you stopped me fingers stopped in
the trigger 'til it bled
saved me from sadness
Now I'm never forgetting what you said

you're not a quitter, drop the gun and grab some paper
let your pain flow in ink and not blood, save that for later
you're thinkin' that you ain't nothin' but just look at what you can do
that's worth quite a bit, despite it being for so few

so in lieu of diving deep into the dread
hold back your shoulders and raise up yo' head
you're not dead, so stop askin'
just go ahead and wait your turn
you've got so much to do
still got lessons to learn

you'll save lives-- talkin' about the times you wanted to die
folks will open up and trust enough to break down and cry
out they're scared and never felt prepared to feel all this pain
and it seems plain they'll never be cheerful again

and it hurts, yeah it burns that's why you're askin' for death
but there are so many more beautiful things in the world that'll take your breath
So I guess what I'm sayin' is in the end it's your decision
just make sure you're informed so you make it with precision.

I'm sure I will get some more great poetry from my experiences with the team!


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