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Let’s Keep Talking

by Alice, Fiona and Danielle, Western University Students

For our sociology class at Western University, we had the exciting opportunity to work with mindyourmind for our community engaged learning project. This project connected us with an organization in the community to learn about sociological concepts outside of the classroom, while also supporting our community partner mindyourmind.

For our project, we decided to create an event showcasing the tools and resources available to those struggling with mental health and wellness.

We met with Marnie and Carolyn from mindyourmind multiple times over the last couple of months, learning more about mindyourmind as a mental health resource and brainstorming ideas for our event. Eventually we decided on creating an open space on campus, complete with snacks, a photobooth, a de-stressing colouring station, and a swag table - full of mental health buttons, magnets, and mini cards with mental health tips and tools. Our event took place on March 15, 2019 on campus, where all Western students were welcomed to come de-stress and get resources to support their mental health.

This was a great experience for us, as we got to learn so much about this incredible organization. We also were able to help many Western students de-stress and provided them with valuable resources that they can use everyday. We as a group also learned a lot about the great resources that mindyourmind provides. The goal of our event was to bring awareness to our mental health, in an open space, in an attempt to de-stigmatize mental illness. We wanted to provide an opportunity for all students to come out and keep talking about their mental health.

Mental health is something that we should be talking about everyday and this event was a way to continue the conversation. We hope we were able to further raise awareness about mental health and encourage Western students to reach out when they need to.

We would like to thank mindyourmind for being a great community partner, and making this experience so positive and memorable!

Alice, Fiona, and Danielle :)

And here’s a short video of our event.