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Let's Get Loud in the Help Section

Accessibility to information is incredibly important. Not everyone processes knowledge the same way, so it’s always important to try to make the ways you communicate as diverse as possible. If someone doesn’t understand something one way, perhaps another way will work better for them. Over the past few months at mindyourmind, we have been working on improving the accessibility of the information on our Help section. In an effort to do that, we’ve created audio versions of each of the sections that you can listen along to, rather than read.

It takes a lot of work to create good audio, from actually recording and pre-processing, to cutting and editing. For this, we primarily used Audacity (a free, readily available, recording software) as well as a Blue Yeti microphone. Each person is recorded separately in a quiet room. All spoken audio is run through a gambit of pre-processing; including noise reduction, compression, equalization, normalization, and a de-esser. Following this, sections of additional noise (like breathing and lip-smacking) are silenced and audio wave popping is reduced. So, it takes work and skill, but we’re fortunate that Josh (our Research and Evaluation Lead at mindyourmind) has worked as a musician and podcaster. We hope that his work, and the audio work of Elora and Simran, will allow our material to reach a greater audience.

So if you’ve got a moment, check out the new audio link on each page of our Help section and share them with somebody who you think they might help.

You can also listen to all and more on our SoundCloud channel