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Looking at PSA's

It was discussed at the meeting that as soon as that "old man" voice comes on the TV, we automatically turn the channel (we're watching TV for shows, not to be preached at). PSA's now, however, have been branching away from that. One that we watched had a youth speaking as the over voice. Another problem is either being too serious, or too easy on the subject. The fact is that one can not possibly give two opinions in a two minute video, but this is why we have so much air time. We have twenty four hours, for Pete's sake! Thus, some PSA's may not feel applicable to the public as a whole.

This brings up another concern that involves the target demographic (the population that one wants to speak to through the ad). There's so much diversity in Canada, let alone London, that it would be very difficult to address all sexualities, all races, all people and all subjects in the demographic. Multiple ads must, obviously, be created to incorporate different aspects and views of the population as a whole. For example, if we wanted to talk about stress and how people can deal with it, do we target those more prone to get it, or those who need more information on it. 

All in all, it is quite difficult to create the perfect PSA. But one must remember the impact it has on the world. One message could change it all around for a group, a country or a person. All one needs to do is try.

- by Ashlynn

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