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"Love the way you lie"

But when it’s bad
It’s awful
I feel so ashamed
I snap
Who’s that dude
I don’t even know his name
I laid hands on her
I’ll never stoop so low again
I guess I don’t know my own strength
Those are just a few lyrics from Eminem’s track, “Love the Way You Lie”, off of his latest album, “Recovery”, a chart-topping collaboration with Eminem and Rihanna.  I recently saw the debut video which is directed by Joseph Khan, it features Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox as a couple locked in an abusive relationship, with the aim of sending a message that such situations are dangerous and should be avoided.
Whether the video actually manages to do that – or exactly the opposite – is arguable, and obviously makes for the biggest buzz worthy topic online right now. Personally I think the video tells audiences that there is certain glamour to the drama, by means of visually shocking and sensual imagery. Some fans strongly disagree – but not all of them do so.
It’s safe to say that both Eminem and Rihanna draw on their personal experience for the song and the video. Em and his wife Kim spent many years of their life trying to break free from each other – and the abusive relationship that threatened to consume them both. Rihanna, on the other hand, was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex lover Chris Brown. However, I think the way they have chosen to make the video, with Fox and Monaghan making violence appear almost glamorous, is unfortunate at best.
The video (and lyrics) tell a story of a genuine narrative of a couple that have gone through hell with each other. They have abused, hit and fought with each other. Yet they tell us how they still love each other in this love hate relationship. It's the haunting chorus that really hits home. 'Jus gonna stand there and watch me burn but that's ok coz I like the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry well that's ok coz I love the way that u lie'.
The tracks is absolutely spectacular, with the two bringing this summer’s or maybe even this year’s best song. But is the message lost with the video because it’s too glamorous to be taken seriously? Does the video take responsibility for its dramatization of domestic violence?
I know that many will say it’s relative whether the video dramatizes violence.  But do you think it could have been done just as effectively without being so stylized? 
Let your thoughts be heard in the comments!