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Managing School Related Stress

Stress is something that we all experience and go through, whether it’s due to personal, work or school related issues. As a university student I often experience stress, as you do throughout your undergraduate years. Stress is something that frequently accumulates in your everyday life, and the ways in which you deal with it will either make you or break you. The best course of action to take when you are experiencing stress is to recognize that you need to do something about it and tackle the problem head on. Delaying and suppressing stress is actually more harmful in the long run than it is to deal with the issue immediately. 
Stress is something that gets the best of most of us. Different things tend to stress us out, school being one that most of us can relate to. Personally the prime time for stress during the school year is exam time. Right around Thanksgiving and right before Christmas when exam time comes around it is crunch time. It is when I feel the most stressed to soak up the entire course content, catch up on readings, review, clarify and redefine definitions. All of which require me to be alert and fully functioning for a good couple of weeks, which inadvertently burns me out. To sum up prime time for stress is exam time, being required to obtain and regurgitate information within a timely fashion is something that most people do not enjoy, myself included. 
Personal wellness is key to success. The ability to be mentally, physically and emotionally stable aids in one’s optimal performance in their social and academic life. The absence of these major components of health puts one at risk of hindering the level of success that they could potentially reach. In terms of school a good way to avoid stress is to ensure that you are staying on top of your course material and managing your time wisely, though that may sound quite simple and easy to do it takes great efforts and practice to get into the habit of doing this to avoid falling behind. A good tip to aid you in maintaining and staying on top of your school work is to make an academic schedule that keeps you on track, to further defer any future stressors.
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