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March for Mental Health

Saturday, May 6, 2017   at 12 p.m.   at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

While fantastic initiatives have increased awareness and helped reduce some of the stigma surrounding mental health issues, the supply for mental health services does not meet the demand. More and more people are feeling comfortable to speak out and ask for help, only to find there are not enough services available when they do.

The recent federal health accord committed 5 billion additional dollars to mental health care over the next 10 years – Ontario’s share is 1.92 billion dollars. While this sounds like a substantial amount, and it's a great start, when broken down among the population of Ontario it represents only about $14 per person per year.

Canada prides itself on having a universal healthcare system, yet when it comes to mental health care, a two-tier system still exists - those who can afford to pay for immediate care receive it, while those who cannot are forced to wait, often with fatal consequences.

Too many Canadians are falling through the cracks due to a lack of funding for mental health care, resulting in staggering economic and human costs. It's time for more than talk. It's time for ACTION.

Join Mental Health Week for a peaceful march from Nathan Phillips Square to Queens Park to demonstrate the importance of this issue. Bring your signs, your voice, and any loved ones who have been lost to suicide by displaying or carrying their photo with you.

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